<h1><span style="color: #ffffff;">PORTFOLIO</span></h1>


Charlotte, NC

4,200 SF

LS3P AssociatesĀ 


Barringer recently transformed a 4,200 square foot space into a new coffee shop in Plaza Midwood. Formerly a small restaurant, extensive work was done to create this two-story space that features two separate bars, ample seating, a custom-built centrepiece fireplace, outside patio seating at both levels and a massive, custom mural on the West elevation wall.

Exterior work included enlarging the building envelope/footprint, new storefronts and Nanawall addition at the sidewalk and MEP trenching and rework in existing concrete slab. The interior got new wall buildouts, casework and countertops, infrastructure buildout for point-of-sale area, and a new
2nd floor bar and kitchen layout fitted with industrial kitchen equipment.
The interior finish revamp included new light fixtures, wood wall panelling, concrete floor polishing, wall tiles, and exposed ceiling paint.

Other unique elements include a custom ladder light fixture built by Barringer, programmable coffee roasters that can create detailed roasting profiles of different coffee types, and a custom draft beer system split to run to the 2nd floor bar and the 1st floor coffee prep area.