My career with Barringer began in 2013 as a field “intern”
working around the schedule of a full time student.
I learned invaluable lessons and skills which have provided
me the ability to excel in the academic world
and hit the ground running as I transitioned
to their project management team.
Jacob Trammel Summer 2013
Barringer has taught me so much about the industry
and valuable skills I can carry forward,
and best of all they welcomed me into their family.
While I may not be sure where my career will take me yet,
I do know that Barringer Construction has set high
standards for what I hope any office will be like!
Mallory Toth Summer 2017
Barringer provided one of the best internship programs
I have ever been a part of. My involvement here has
shown to be both challenging and rewarding,
unparalleled to any opportunity I have had in the past.
Josh Kelley Fall 2017
My internship at Barringer construction was
the most beneficial part of my college career.
From day one, I was treated as an equal and important
part of the team. The experiences I had created a
cornerstone for my career in the construction industry.
Noah Britt Summer 2016
I, as a college student, have never been happier to
wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning to go work.
The people at Barringer work extremely hard and take
their job seriously, yet you can always catch
a smile or joke at any time.
Thad Mitchell Summer 2015

Our rewarding internship program offers college students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in real-life situations, preparing them for successful futures in our industry. Interns are given a well-rounded view of the business ranging from preconstruction and project management duties to engaging in the community, and most importantly, working on active construction sites. By providing mentorships from all levels of our operation and cross training with industry partners, interns are able to make meaningful relationships with a wide range of experienced professionals. Several of our young leaders began their careers as members of our internship program.

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