RedEye Diner: EpiCentre Much Needed Boost

In an entertainment complex packed with chains, it’s very refreshing when locals come in and make their mark. This is exactly what is happening here with RedEye Diner and the EpiCentre.

RedEye Diner is from the folks behind Midnight Diner in South End and they are gearing up to have a major impact on Uptown.

Located next to Mortimer’s (in the old La Tagliatella spot) RedEye is HUGE and will have expansive patio space. Uptown Charlotte is sorely lacking in breakfast spots (yes, I know Amelie’s is amazing and there are a few others) and it’s a monster gap that thankfully is being filled.

Who doesn’t love diner food?

An approachable menu (almost identical to Midnight Diner), beer, liquor, plenty of seating, outdoor component and incredible décor all come together to make this a major win for EpiCentre.

Beyond that, though, is the importance this place will have on the city. You may ask, “How the heck does a diner have an impact on one of the fastest growing cities in America?”

Look around Uptown on Sundays or after banking hours during the week. It’s mostly a ghost town. Things are closed, and there are people walking around with nowhere to go. RedEye plans to be open 24/7 and this will mark a dramatic shift for Charlotte to become a major city and operational downtown area.

Would this have worked five years ago?

Probably not so much, but we are approaching that much needed “critical mass” of Uptown population needed to support things (not bars) being open beyond 8-5, M-F and sometimes Saturday.

I am a big fan of Midnight Diner and if you are too, you pretty much know what you are getting here. The major differences are the size and obviously, location.

Stay tuned for an official opening date, but you can expect to get breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night in RedEye very soon.