st. michael the archangel roman catholic church

Cary, NC

13,500 SQ FT

O’Brien & Keane

Our team completed interior alterations for St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church in Cary, NC. Project scope included replacing carpeting and VCT, reupholstering pew benches, refurbishing the tops of the pews, adding millwork at the altar, and repainting the entire church.

All work was completed in phases to allow for weekend services to continue throughout the duration of the project.

This project was accompanied by several logistical challenges in order to complete work ontime without disrupting weekly service. To accommodate this, our team removed the pews two sections at a time, removed and re-installed the flooring, then re-installed the pews in two week time chunks, all while ensuring the church was spotless at the end of each week ahead of service.