Schneider Electric

schneider electric headquarters

Raleigh, NC

65,000 SQ FT

Interior Architects 

Industrial Manufacturing

A global leader in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric took advantage of a unique opportunity to unify nearly 300,000 square feet across multiple local sites into one cutting-edge, collaborative space. By centralizing the team’s collective knowledge and experiences under one roof, the company embarked on a transformative journey to build a space that would help attract and retain top tier talent, create an environment to invigorate internal collaboration, and meaningfully highlight Schneider Electric’s continued investment within the community.

After a 12-month construction process, this vision was brought to reality by transforming an abandoned Sam’s Club warehouse space into a 65,000 square foot, state-of-the-art electrical R&D center featuring labs focused on Artificial Intelligence, industrial manufacturing, materials development, intelligent building systems and intelligent security. This novel project aimed to develop a model the rest of the company can emulate moving forward and will set the standard for the company’s “new ways of working”.

Throughout preconstruction, Barringer excelled in driving on-site plan reviews to drive efficiency in design and reduce mid-project design changes. This enabled the space to be designed to save over $700k while still meeting all functional requirements. .