150 fayetteville

Raleigh, NC

17,437 SQ FT



Our team has completed multiple projects in the fully occupied Wells Fargo tower in Downtown Raleigh. With over 5,000 pedestrians entering and exiting the building multiple times daily, this experience is a true testament to our team’s ability to remain as invisible as possible to ongoing operations. Most impressive among this experience, we recently completed full interior and exterior renovations to the front entrances, main lobbies, and multiple common corridors of the tower. This massive undertaking required careful staging and coordination to not disrupt the heavy traffic in and out. Unique measures included rerouting the main entrance as well as creating a lowered ceiling to the lobby, allowing for work to take place above while remaining unnoticed to the pedestrian below. Additional exterior renovations included improvements to the surrounding plaza area complete with new planters and standing area along the congested sidewalk.