Barringer Construction- “Building for Community”


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A general contractor does things differently—for the benefit of its team, clients, and community.

Barringer Construction is not your average general contractor—and that is by design. There’s more to the company than an impressive portfolio and rock-solid reputation 20 years in the making. Whether it’s the look and feel of Barringer’s Raleigh office, the way its team bends over backwards for clients, or the helping hand employees extend to the communities they work in, it’s clear to anyone familiar with the company that Barringer Construction is built a little differently.

“Our goal is to be the most sought-after general contractor in the eyes of customers, subcontractors, community partners, and talent,” says Barringer partner Tim Miller. “When people work with Barringer Construction, we want them to enjoy the process.”


Barringer’s uniqueness shines through in the story of its Raleigh office. Opened in 2017, the Raleigh space was a long-held dream of the company’s

founders, who held a special place in their hearts for the city and a desire to be closer to their community and customers. In true Barringer style, every employee weighed in on the design, which features a speakeasy-inspired lounge dedicated to general superintendent Lenny Knot and walls adorned with dynamic graphics. There’s also a noticeable lack of distinction between office and field staff that’s unorthodox for a general contractor’s office. “We wanted to eliminate barriers and create a family atmosphere where everyone has common worth,” says Knott.

Barringer extends that camaraderie to clients as a matter of business. On site, super- intendents operate with a “whatever it takes” mentality to meet customers’ needs on all levels. Of equal importanc eis having fun while doing it. One superintendent even led a punch list walk-through dressed in a suit and tie while handing out mimosas. It’s more than a one-time transaction—every project is personal to them, and as a result, 90% of their work is with repeat clients.

“We love turning business relationships into friendships,” says Brian DiDiano, Raleigh market lead. “For us, contracting isn’t always about schedules and budgets, but about div- ing in personally and creating a foundation of trust.”

Along with clients and company culture, community involvement is a top priority at Barringer. Employees regularly give their time, talent, and leadership to local organizations, and the company will

jump at the chance to support a Little League team, erect a fence, or fix a water intrusion. In Raleigh, Barringer partnered with Shop Local Raleigh by leading a design-build project for its first brick-and- mortar store, thereby furthering the nonprof- it’s locally minded mission. Investments of this kind are key to the unique grassroots philosophy Barringer’s founders have carefully crafted.

“We believe our community and the people in it should be better off because we exist,” says Miller. “If we take that approach, then we’re making decisions the right way, every time.”