Building for the Future: Atticus

Building for the Future: Atticus

As the post-COVID work culture continues to yield more flexible and hybrid working models, organizations around the globe are facing an unprecedented challenge: reimagine office spaces to better meet employees’ needs or risk losing talent to ‘The Great Migration’ and influx of remote work opportunities.

Now more than ever, companies are striving to build spaces with the employee in mind and create environments where people want to come to each day. Watch how Atticus CEO Randy Canady faced this challenge head-on and used his employee-centric vision and a proven construction partnership to build the office of the future.


Choosing project partners can make or break your construction experience. You want people who not only understand your vision, means and methods, but will do whatever it takes to get you there. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and project partners formed on trust and mutual respect, and we’ve seen time and time again that when the right partners come together, amazing things can happen. In this case, our longstanding relationship with the client, architect and other project partners allowed for zero-learning curve and saw the client move into their space on-time and the project finished within budget.

A Space that Tells Your Story

It’s no secret that office spaces can be your best marketing tool for attracting and retaining talent, especially in today’s environment. Atticus took this seriously and designed its new office to not only be a place its employees could work and thrive in, but a way to showcase the company’s care and attention to detail to clients, partners and potential employees alike. 

Designing with the Employee in Mind

It turns out ‘offices of the future’ are anything but an office — they are places where employees can grow, work and play. With onsite amenities that range from a sauna and outdoor grilling station to collaborative workspaces and a full-fledged fitness center, Atticus’ commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being is evident at every turn.

Thank you to our Project partners